Friday, 27 January 2012

On the run!

Whilst at the same time as looking for work I thought it would be a good idea to try get fit. I have some free time so I decided to go running around the local area. So far this week I have clocked up 18km. The only thing problem is that it is so bloody cold my nose is constantly running plus I have to wear so many layers as well! That aside I do enjoy doing it, just as long as I have my music with me!

I didn’t go running yesterday though as I was out on Wednesday night and got completely sozzled! I was out watching the Liverpool Vs Man City game with my friend Micke but before that I met up with an English pal of mine Tom.

Now the Liverpool game did not kick off until 9pm and I was meeting Tom at 4pm so I had 5 hours of drinking time before my next engagement! 6 beers and 3 jagers later I made my way to The Dubliners pub for the game!
The Dubliners is the pub where we always watch the Liverpool matches and, as usual, the Swedish Liverpool fans were out in force! We ended up drawing the game 2-2 which was enough to see us through to the final. I can’t remember much about the game other than the goals but I do remember shouting alot!

I managed to get myself home where Aicha was fast asleep. Now in the past if I have been out drinking I would normally sleep in the other room as I am prone to snoring but on this occasion I didn’t. Suffice to say that whilst I got a good night sleep.......... Aicha didn’t! I knew this as soon as I woke up as my ribs were hurting after she had given me a dig in my sleep!
Yesterday was a bit of right off. I basically did nothing all day other than eat and nurse my hangover! The good thing was that I was not alone as both Tom and Micke were suffering too! I just can’t handle it anymore. There was a time where I could go out, get hammered then get up the next day no problem. Not anymore. My hangovers seem to last days now................which is why I am sitting here writing this rather than being out on the run!

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