Monday, 23 January 2012

Super Sunday!

Yesterday was a busy day. Saw a couple of appartments around lunch time, both of which needed alot of work and were only worth investing in if we could shave 200,000 kr (£20k) off the asking price. After thinking about it for a while over lunch we decided to leave it. I'm sure plenty more places will become available plus we are in no rush.

After dinner it was time to head off to football training. It has been snowing heavily over the last couple of days so I wore a few extra layers for the journey. We were to train in a place called Kärrtorp which is located in the south of Stockholm. Now I'm currently living in the north west so it was a bit of a mission to get there but I would travel anywhere for a game of footy! I had to take a bus then a train and then the subway......thats commitment for you!!

Once I found the place at first I felt like a spare one at a wedding. For those of you who have at any time joined a new team you will know what I mean! Everyone knows each other so you feel like an outsider but once you start playing it feels more comfortable. That was until the warm up began............15 minutes of non stop running, jumping and floor exercises! My legs felt like jelly afterwards! I managed to get through it but I wasn't expected such a harsh opening to training! Felt good after though........can't pussy out on the first training session!

Once we started playing some football I got chatting to a few of the guys in between games. Most of the guys there were either English, Scottish or Irish........and most had moved to Sweden because of a woman same as me!! Some of them have only been here for a year or two so it was good to talk to them about life here as they have been in the same boat as me.

The football was good too. We were split into teams for a 5-a-side tournament and I was put in a team with another goalkeeper so we decided to share the responsibility of guarding the sticks for each game. We became the draw specialists of the tournament, drawing our first 3 games 0-0! We did eventually manage a win, totally against the run of play mind! After that it was back to normal, drawing our next 2 games although one of which I scored in after having barged my way through the defense!

All in all I really enjoyed the session. It was good to meet some new faces which is important for me especially as I'm just starting out here. They were a good bunch of lads, approachable and helpful, and I am looking forward to training next week.

So that was my super Sunday. If only the Mancs had lost then it would have been even better.........!!

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