Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Fun with Tom & Josephine

Friday was day of ups and downs. We had been invited to Tom and Josephine's for dinner in the evening so my plan during the day was to continue the job hunt online in the morning then head off into town in the afternoon to drop off some CV's before I met Aicha after work.

The morning did not go to plan as I was still suffering from Wednesday night but I felt better after lunch so I headed out into town. The plan was to hit a few of the English pubs in Old Town to inquire about work then head over to southern Stockholm to see a carpentry firm about an apprenticeship. Unfortunately the places I was due to visit were closed so I spent the whole afternoon wandering around Stockholm for nothing!

Things got better in the evening though once we were at Tom and Josephine’s place. We had a great evening there. Nice wine, great food, great company! We ended up staying the night as we were up late playing proper old skool music and missed the last train!! Here are a few snippets from the evening.......

On Saturday I was due to go out and watch the Liverpool Vs Man Utd game at The Dubliners but my friend Micke couldn’t make it so decided to stream it online at home. The feed I got was really good and I was able to watch the first 85 minutes trouble free. With the game poised a 1-1 my Internet feed crashed and I missed the last 5 minutes. Sods law then showed his face as Dirk Kuyt scored for Liverpool with 2 minutes to go thus depriving me of that feeling of ecstasy when your team scores in the dying minutes..........’going mental’ I believe its commonly known as!

Saturday night was spent in front of the TV. Most of the American shows we have back home are shown here so we spent the evening watch things like CSI and Law and Dancing on Ice or Big Brother though! They have 10 terrestrial channels here and show quite a lot of movies at weekends, although they don’t seem to care too much about what time movies with adult content are shown. Just the other morning I was flicking though the channels and stumbled across a movie where Kate Winslet was being given the once over!

Some of the television programmes shown in the evening can be quite extreme also. I began watching a documentary about the sex industry in Amsterdam and what was shown left little to the imagination! Not sure if they would get away with showing that back home...........good show though! ;)

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