Friday, 24 February 2012

The futures bright..........

This week has been a busy week for me. Tuesday I had a interview for a job selling education courses to students who seek extra tuition to help pass their exams. I thought the interview went ok. There were a couple of questions I maybe could have done better on and I probably shouldn't have called the guy a 'hard ass' after my mock telephone conversation but I'm positive none the less!

Wednesday I met with the job centre to discuss my career prospects. They had to assign me an interpreter so I wasn't too optimistic but as the meeting went on I realised that there were in fact a lot of prospects for me which was reassuring! I kind of got the impression I was somewhat of a 'perfect' client given my experience and the fact that every piece of advice they gave me I am already doing anyway!!

Thursday I met a guy called Kenneth from The Swedish Football Academy about a possible part time coaching role. With football being my first love this would be something of a treat for me. We had a good chat about my experience and ambitions, and about football in general. Its looks like a good company to be involved with and I could definitely see a future in it for me. He had slight concern over my knowledge of Swedish due to the fact I would be working with youngsters however he didn't think it would be too much of a problem seeing as children learn English here from a young age plus Im learning Swedish myself. His main concern was my experience. Obviously with us just talking it was difficult for him to gauge my abilities as a coach so he is going to invite me along to few sessions to see how I do. If all goes well they will offer me a part time contract so I best start reading up on some new coaching techniques to impress!

As I right this I am heading north on a coach to Arlanda Airport for my trip to Budapest. It will be good to see the boys again, just like old times! If my stag party was anything to go by this could be one messy weekend............literally! I will provide a full de-brief on my return........

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