Monday, 6 February 2012

Happy Birthday Mustapha!!

Friday marked a milestone as my father-in-law Mustapha celebrated his 60th birthday. The traditional swedish 'happy birthday' was sung when the cake came out after dinner but I didn't know the words so I did what anyone else caught in this position would do, I just mumbled some words in an attempted to look like I did! I then took to the internet to try and decipher what was being said. Whilst back home we say 'happy birthday to you' etc, the swedish version translates to 'Yes, may you live, Yes, may you live, Yes, may you live for a hundred years'. This is said twice over then followed by 3 cheers of 'hurrah!' ........without the 'hip hip' bit! My aim was to learn this as we were to repeat the birthday celebrations on Saturday with a big family meal.

The plan originally was for the family to go out to a restaurant but it was decided that we were to order food in through a catering company. Lebonese food was chosen and there was plenty of it! There was eight of us eating and we ordered food for ten however it could have easily have fed twenty! We had skewers, potato wedges, chicken dishes, fish name it..........all accompanied by a selection of dips such as Tzatziki and Houmous!

Suffice to say that there was loads left over and with me having smashed into every dish, four Kopparbergs and a glass of champagne, I was pretty stuffed afterwards! I did however manage to sing the swedish happy birthday properly when the second birthday cake came out which I was quite pleased with!

Sunday it was all about football. I had missed football training last week with the Tudor Arms as we was house-hunting so I was keen to get back playing took me over an hour to get there mind! This time the warm up didn't kill me as it did the first time round, mainly because I have been running a lot recently. Again we were split into teams but this time I played in goal for the whole duration. My team went on to win the tournament and I did not concede a single goal, which I felt very pleased with!

Having travelled home and had more lebonese food for dinner, it was time to Skype the folks back in Brighton. It was here I made a great discovery. I had called during the Chelsea Man Utd game which my brothers were watching. I could not get the game here so I asked them to spin the laptop round so I could watch the game with them whilst still being able to chat. It was quality!! It felt like I was there in the room with them, and able to get involved in all the jokes and the banter! My sister did find it a bit weird at first though as she had no idea I was connected on Skype when she walked into the room and just thought my brother was talking to himself!!

This is definately the way forward for me. Its Liverpool Vs Tottenham tonight..............Pistol Pete make sure you are logged in!!

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