Sunday, 12 February 2012

How much??

Friday was another busy day. The afternoon was spent travelling around the city visiting various bars looking for work. Unfortunately the places I went to were not currently looking for anyone new but I left them my CV just in case something came up. Once I had done the rounds the plan was then to hook up with Tom for a few beers in the evening. We met up in a bar called 'Oliver Twist' in Slussen which was quite a lively place, and memorable because the swedish barman had a geordie accent!!

We then hit a few of the other pubs in the area before making a decision to visit the Ice Bar. They have one of these in London and I have never been so I thought we should check it out. It wasn't the biggest or the most lively of places I've been to but it was pretty cool (excuse the pun!). Entry was about £20 which included a free cocktail which are served in glasses made of ice. The cocktails were really nice but there just wasn't enough of it for me!! We also got chatting to a guy from Hong Kong who was visiting Stockholm on business. He did give us his real name which I could not pronounce so he just said we should call him 'Dave'!

After the Ice bar we ventured to a nearby pub. There we decided to order a couple of whiskies. Now I don't have a great deal of knowledge when it comes to whiskey and this became even more apparent when I ordered two large (6cl) Johnnie Walker Blue label whiskies...........

I didn't realise that this particular whiskey can sell for up to £250 a bottle in the UK so you can imagine my surprise when I got the bill! I won't disclose how much I paid for the 2 whiskies but to give you an idea it was more than I had spent the entire night up to that point! I have to say that the whiskey was amazing but I felt like taking it home and framing it rather than drink it!

Saturday was spent back in the pub. I met Micke at The Dubliners around midday to watch the Liverpool match. Having endured a hefty session the previous night, I couldn't face drinking that early so I stuck to diet pepsi, plus I was due to meet Aicha later for dinner with friends and I didn't want to turn up half cut! The rugby followed the football so I decided to stay and watch that as well........dinner wasn't until 7pm so I had some time to kill! Aicha arrived at the pub around 5:30pm and was impressed by my alcohol free afternoon. By this time my hangover had passed so I felt ready to sink a few beers............four in fact before I left!

We met our friend Calle and headed to Jensens Beef House for dinner. Now I'm not one to complain but the service there was bad. We had to wait over an hour for our main course and at one point they forgot our drinks! The food itself was good but the experience wasn't. Whilst I'm not one to complain............I know a woman who can!! Aicha managed to get £30 off the bill, a free lunch voucher for the three of us and a gift certifcate for the amount that we ordered!.............thats my girl!

We told them not to worry about the drinks and that we would find a pub instead. Five or six pints later it was time to go home. Apart from the football result it was a really enjoyable day, made even more enjoyable this morning when I realised I still had money left over in my back pocket..................something which couldn't be said about Friday night!

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