Thursday, 2 February 2012

On the job front..........

This week we have been back on the property hunt. I was due to go football training on Sunday but our afternoon was booked with viewings so I had to miss it. The places we saw were not great, nor was the late lunch that followed which made me think my time would have been better spent chasing a ball around!

That evening I spoke with my family back home via Skype. Always good to catch up with everyone although there were a couple of absentees from the usual who was working at the pub and another who had been drinking at the pub and was somewhat incoherent!! Hopefully we can catch up next time!

We saw another apartment Monday evening which was a good size but needed a bit of work doing. It was right by a tube station which was ideal but we didn’t feel it was right for us. You tend to have an instinct when you know something is right for you and we have not felt like that since we saw the apartment in Kista which has since been sold. Definitely the best we’ve seen for a while though! We are booked in to see a few more this week which we hope might suit us.

Apart from looking for somewhere to live, my focus has been to look for work. Myself and Aicha have called many of the local construction firms about apprenticeships in carpentry and most have said that they are not currently taking on new apprentices however they may look to do so after Easter. In the meantime I have enrolled at SFI to learn Swedish, which begins on 27th Feb. Whilst the plan is to try and find some part time work whilst at college, I have been looking at some office based jobs and have sent off quite a few applications for business analyst positions, just in case the apprenticeship does not become available.

Whilst I haven’t yet started college, my Swedish is coming along quite well. I knew a fair bit before I moved and in the 3 weeks since I’ve been here I can understand a lot more. I am a long way off being fluent but I’m sure I will get there!

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