Monday, 20 February 2012

Over too quickly!

Aicha had decided to meet up with Josephine Friday night so I took the opportunity to go out myself...............Friday night drinking with Tom is fast becoming part of my weekly routine! Drinking in Sweden is not the cheapest of activities so rather than just go on a bender we decided to go bowling instead. It turns out that bowling in Stockholm becomes cheaper the more of you there are as you pay for the lane rather than per person. Tom, feeling guilty over the amount I paid the previous week for his whiskey, covered the cost of the lane so it was cool!

After three close frames (and four pints) I emerged victorious. I'd forgotten how much fun bowling can be and suggested we should come again with the girls. Next time though I may have to stretch beforehand as I woke up Saturday morning nursing a hangover and several pulled muscles! After bowling we headed to a rock bar called KGB. This place was a bit on the scary side. We actually thought everyone in there was really part of some communist movement! It wasn't until we asked someone that we realised it was a fancy dress party!

On Sunday afternoon Aicha and I went back to Jensens Beef House for our free dinner. The gift certificate we were given was for three meals. As there was only two of us we asked if we could have just two meals and use the third on another occasion but they said the voucher could only be used once. We therefore had two options............order two meals and disregard the third or order three meals for two. So what did we do????? ..............lets just say our jeans were much tighter on the way out!!

After dinner we met Micke in The Dubliners to watch Liverpool Vs Brighton in the 5th round of the FA Cup. This was a real test of loyalty as Brighton is my home town. Whilst I couldn't change my love for Liverpool and wanted them to win, I wanted Brighton to do well also. My prediction to my friends was that it would be a tense tight affair with few goals.............famous last words! Liverpool ran out 6-1 winners but I was proud of how far Brighton had got in the competition and of the supporters who had travelled up there. They sang their hearts out and deserved a better result. I made a point of not overly celebrating when we scored..........a bit like a footballer does when he scores against an old team!

So that was my weekend in a nutshell. Over too quickly as usual! Plan for this week is too apply for more jobs and prep for job interviews. I just hope next weekend doesn't go as quickly..............roll on Budapest!!

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