Thursday, 16 February 2012

Stampedes, Jobs and Shoot-em-ups!

This week has been quite interesting. Whilst out in town on Monday I ran into an army of screaming girls who turned out to be One Direction fans. Before I actually saw them I could hear the screams from a few streets away so I headed in that direction to find out what was happening. Outside of this hotel there must have been about 200 girls going wild for these guys then all of a sudden they broke through the cordoned tape and began chasing them down the road! It was a proper stampede...........I was lucky to get out alive! Those types of fanatics scare the shit of me as they will do anything to get a glimpse of their heroes. Girls were literally barging each other out the way to get a look. Even as I left the area there were more girls heading towards the hotel.

When I mentioned this story on Facebook I expected a few comments on how it was such a coincidence that I happened to be outside the hotel where One Direction were holding a press release, and as expected I got them! The truth is I was actually walking around town looking for bar work and just happened to get caught up in it. It was lucky that I was as I got a good picture of the hotel at dusk afterwards! If truth be told I'm more of a Take That fan anyway...........ahem

Things looked up on Tuesday as I got two call-backs for jobs that I had applied for. One was a full-time job selling corporate hospitality for sports events and another was part-time selling education courses. It turns out that the sports event job wasn't suitable for me but they did want to talk to me about selling sponsorship packages for conferences............turns out that wasn't suitable either! I do have an interview Tuesday though for the other job. Its part-time which is what I'm looking for as it will fit in around my studies. Whilst college doesn't begin for another two weeks I have been studying in my spare time. Aicha suggested maybe reading some Swedish children’s books which I did................I recommend 'Robban och alla de andra polarna'’s a belter!

Wednesday I met with a recruitment company do discuss other possible English speaking job opportunities............of which there was none currently through them! It wasn't a wasted journey though, William who I met there was a good guy. Rather than just be another online applicant with a CV, its good to put a face to the name so hopefully he should remember me if something comes up.

In the evening me and Aicha went to the cinema to see 'Safe House'. Definitely one to see! Non-stop action all the way through. Shoot outs, car chases, fist fights, more was awesome! Right up my street. I've yet to see a Denzel Washington film that sucked.............long may that continue!

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