Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Ah to be in Stockholm!

Sunday afternoon I travelled to Hammarbyhöjden to watch the Tudor Arms take on Stureby FC. This was our 2nd friendly game of the season so far. The first game was played last Sunday whilst I was in the UK. The boys lost 2-0 and apparently didn't play very well. This would be the first time I had seen them in action so I was keen to see how they would get on. I don't particularly like watching my own team as I would much prefer to be out there playing, but I will always be there to support none the less.

The game itself was quite entertaining. There were lots of tackles flying in and at times it got quite tasty! The match ended 3-3 but I thought our boys deserved to win. Although I wasn't there the previous week it was a massive improvement by all accounts. Not only did I think we played better than Stureby but two of their goals were a tad controversial as well. One looked offside and another was a blatant handball...............still I'm not bitter! Although I wasn't picked for this game I was told that I would definitely play in our next game. The game is on Friday night against an Italian team called Azzurri. It will be good to finally make my debut and hopefully we can pick up a win!

Monday I woke with massive back pain, which I have been getting every morning for the last 2 weeks. I only seem to get the pain after waking up but once I start walking around the pain disappears. After another morning of hearing me whinge, Aicha booked me an appointment with the chiropractor. I had never been to one before but I was told that for them to fix your back they have to inflict a little bit pain in doing so..................and that he definitely did! I had a problem with the muscle tension around the middle of my spine so he applied pressure to the affected area. It was really painful at first but then pain subsided after a few seconds. I even heard a crack at one point which was a bit un-nerving!! He finished off with a massage and once he was done my back felt much better. Since then I have not had any more back pain in the morning so whatever he did seemed to have worked. Cheers doc!!

My 2nd interview for the job with Castrol Oil was pencilled in for Tuesday morning however Monday afternoon I got a call from Christian at the recruitment agency saying that the interview has been moved to next week. It was a bit of a shame as I was geared up and ready for it. I suppose its not such a bad thing as it gives me a bit more time to prep!

The weather this week has been really strange. We had some snow here Monday and Tuesday, but today it was warm and sunny! Whilst this may seem strange to me apparently this is quite normal for this time of year!! With the sun shining I decided to meet Aicha after work for a stroll around the city. Here are a couple of snaps I took along the way..............


It was really nice to out in the sun today as its been a while since we have had a day like this one. Hopefully this type of weather is here to stay cos I can definitely get used to it! This place is buzzing during the summer months which aren't too far away now. Ah to be in Stockholm............!!

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