Friday, 16 March 2012

Back to business

Having arrived back in Sweden late Monday night, I knew I had to get straight to sleep as Tuesday was going to be a very hectic day! I had college first thing in the morning until 12pm then I had an interview in the city at 3pm. By the time I got home after college I had about one hour before I had to set off again. There was certainly no restbite! I had to eat lunch, shower, iron my trousers/shirt, print off some paperwork and then do some last minute preparations all in the space of an hour! As you can imagine I was pretty pumped up by the time I left!

The interview was held in Ostermalm, which is the eastern part of the city, and was held with a recruitment company called Perform IQ. Whilst there are many big recruitment companies in Stockholm like Manpower, Perform IQ are much smaller in comparison however one of the things they look for in job candidates, other than the obvious job experience, is a background in sports. They believe that the qualities which make a successful sportsman can be transferred to the work environment i.e. leadership, organisation, will to win etc..................which I thought was quite cool.

I arrived at the offices and met a chap called Christian who was one to interview me. I was a little nervous to begin with but after a couple of minutes of talking about my time so far in Stockholm I felt very relaxed! The fact that this was his first interview in english also helped as well! As the interview went on I felt more and more confident cos I knew the answers I had given were relevant plus I gave many examples of some of the work I had done in the past. I won't bore you with the detail but I left there feeling I had done well and was confident I would get callback for 2nd interview. I believe that you know straight away if an interview has gone well or if it was shit...................I knew it had gone well because I was feeling emotion that I had never felt before after an interview! Christian gave me his card and told me he would be in touch in the next few days so it was back to playing the waiting game.

After the interview Aicha and I decided to go out for dinner. Tapas was our choice for the evening so we headed to a little restaurant called 'Mamas & Tapas'. The food there was awesome but as usual when I go for tapas, I always over order! We did manage to polish everything off but we were fairly stuffed afterwards! As some of you know I hate waste and refuse to leave food behind!

Wednesday I was back football training for the first time in 6 weeks. It felt good to back amongst the boys again and now we were playing outside it was even better. I did feel a little rusty though. I definitely feel that I need a few games to get back to my usual standard. We have a friendly match this weekend but unfortunately I have not been named in the squad. Whilst I am frustrated not to be playing, I can understand why I have not been picked. It would be unfair for me to be picked over someone who has been training for the last 6 weeks! I will definitely be there to support the boys anyway and whose knows, if I bring my boots I may even get a game!

Today is Friday and whilst I was at college I got some good news. Christian called me to say that I have been put forward for a 2nd interview. The interview will be with a chap called Tobias who will be my direct line manager should I get the job. I am meeting him at 8am Tuesday morning so I best make sure I in bed early Monday night! Time now to prep, prep, prep..............

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