Saturday, 3 March 2012


Where do I begin!! Well, that’s easy..............I’ll start at the beginning! Friday morning I was up at 6am to catch my coach to the airport..............I haven't been up that early yet in Sweden so that was one new experience on its own! I had a nice breakfast buffet at the airport and a couple of crafty beers around 10am to get me through my fear of the take off! Once we got airborne I was fine, I had my tunes playing and I just sat back thinking about what lay in store. Now I probably should explain that I was the only one of the group not travelling from London and as I could only get a morning flight it meant I would have to spend virtually the whole day in Budapest on my own as the others landed at 7pm. Now that might seem quite boring to most people but I have travelled to many places on my own before and have no problem filling the time with little excursions...............that was until I arrived in Budapest!

Now I would love to say it is a beautiful city, full of amazing sights and attractions........... but it isn’t! Whilst in the cab from the airport I was looking out the window thinking ‘I hope this place brightens up when we hit the city centre’..............but it didn’t! It was quite dirty and dusty, the only thing that put a smile on my face was they had a Tesco’s store!! The hotel was ok though. The people working and staying there were very friendly and there was a good atmosphere in the bar. As I had the afternoon free I decided to walk down to the river. The River Danube runs right through the centre of the city and is the divide between ‘Buda’ and ‘Pest’. Here the sights got a little better but they certainly didn’t look like they did in the brochure! I did manage to a get few pictures of my own though..........

The boys arrived at the hotel around 8pm where they found me in the bar already on my first beer of the evening. The plan for them was to chuck the cases in the room, don the customary t-shirts and have a few beers at the hotel bar whilst we wait for this guy called Laslow who was going to take us on a bar crawl. Laslow turned up at 9pm but it wasn’t until around 10pm that we left the hotel! Now these boys had pretty much been drinking all day so I didn’t think we would be out too late.............this was confirmed when I witnessed the stag walk into a wall in the mens room of Burger King! Surprisingly enough we actually lasted until around 2am. I can remember that a couple of the bars we went to were actually quite cool and I also remember talking to lots of random people aswell! It was a really good first night. Below are some pictures from our escapades.........

Remember when you could smoke in pubs.............!!

Laslow (left) our hungarian pub guide!

The stag had clearly had enough by this point................

Time to go home.................

Definately time to go!

Random guy!
The plan on Saturday was to walk to an area of the city about 20 mins from the hotel and hire a ‘beer bike’. For those of you who have not heard of one of these it’s basically a bar on wheels which holds 12 people! Today was also the day to dress the stag in his costume. Now I had the misfortune of being dressed as Susan Boyle on my stag party and I still think my costume tops the chart in terms of embarrassment but seeing Lee walk out of the hotel dressed in a full baby grow definitely runs a close 2nd!!

Unfortunately, having made the long walk to the beer bike place it turned out to be closed!! This was a real shame as we had been looking forward to doing that plus the weather was really good. So to lift our spirits, we did the only we could............ we went to the pub! As expected the rest of the day was spent drinking. I don’t remember much about the evening, other than falling over in a karaoke bar and eating a dodgy kebab!! Luckily I had my camera with me so I could try and piece the day/night back together................

Beer bottle!

How was that shot????

Lee, are you ok????

Sunday was the last day for the boys but I booked myself another night as the only flight I could get back on the Sunday was via Copenhagen and cost over £150! One more night in the hotel cost £45 and a Monday afternoon flight was £49 so I opted for that instead. As the boys were not leaving until 5pm that afternoon we had time to catch the Arsenal Spurs game. We found a sports bar called 'Champs' and settled in for the afternoon. Each day over the weekend we had decided to have a 'kitty' running rather pay for everything individually. It wasn't until the Sunday that I fully appreciated how cheap Budapest was. In Champs we chipped in around £20 each and spent around 5 hours drinking in there plus we ordered food and the kitty was more than enough each to cover the bill at the end of the day!!

Whilst in there we also decided to play a selection of drinking games. 'Fuzzy Duck' made an appearance plus there was this other game we played which was hilarious! Well, I say hilarious, its probably shit unless you are about five pints up!! Lets just call it the 'rabbit ' game, see if you can spot it.................

Unfortunately it all had to end. The boys left for home and I retreated to the hotel to get some long over due shut eye. The weekend was a cracking laugh. No-one got hurt and everyone made it back in one piece! Although Budapest wasn't the most glamorous place in the world, the nightlife was pretty good and the boys all had a good crack....................but lets be honest once we get together we would probably have a good time in Baghdad!!

You are probably wondering why its taken me until Saturday to share my experiences from Budapest? I would love to say that the heavy weekend took its toll and its taken me this long to get over it but the truth is ever since I got back I have been laid up in bed with tonsilitis! Its been a week from hell to be honest, I don't think I've ever felt so ill! I even had to miss most of my first week of college which really pissed me off cos I want to push on now with the language. Still never mind, I had a good time with the boys and I'm back on the mend now so its back to business on Monday!

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