Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Four days and a wedding!

What a weekend! It was great to be back in Brighton but, as usual, it all seemed to go past in a flash! I got to catch up with most people which was nice but unfortunately I wasn't able to see everyone. Obviously I was looking forward to seeing the family and hoped I'd have time to go for a few beers with my brothers at some point over the weekend. I shouldn't have worried though as I had barely stepped off the plane before ending up in the pub with them! I hadn't even made it to my front door! Seeing as I was at Lee's wedding all day Saturday all I wanted to do was go back to my mum's, have a cup of tea and order a curry...................but that all went out the window when I was dropped off at the pub and told everyone was in there waiting for me! In all honesty though I was really pleased to have met with them as I don't know when else we could have done that over the weekend. We had a cracking time and suffice to say we were pretty sozzled by the end of the night!

On the Saturday morning the plan was to go into town and do some shopping. I for one needed some shoes for the wedding and the family back in Sweden had given me a list of things to buy. This was one of the other reasons why I did not want to drink on the Friday as there is nothing worse than having shop with a hangover.................. but as we all know all good intentions go the way of the dodo once alcohol enters the equation! I did manage to get myself up early though and complete my mission...............but a mission it certainly was!

By the time I had been round town, had some lunch and showered, it was time to get my gladrags on for the main event. Now I'm not sure if this is just me but for some reason time seems to fast forward when you are getting ready! I thought I had plenty of time spare but by the time I was ready to go I only had 20 mins to get there! I did manage to get there just in time though................but not in time to grab a drink with everyone beforehand! The bar was temporarily closed as the guests had been asked to move into ceremony room. I think people began feeling sorry for me for going without as one by one they kept giving me there drinks to finish!

The wedding itself went very well although I can't continue without mentioning the groom had lapse in concentration and fluffed his lines! Apparently Kate was to be his 'nawful' wedded wife! We did have a good laugh at him but it was all taken in good humour! Below are some pictures from the day, hope you enjoy..............

The boy scrubs up well!!

For the meal I was on a table with the Saunders, the Rudkins and Rich Coleman. During dinner I made the monumental mistake of going to the toilet and leaving my food unattended. Those of you who know Mick and Ryan of the Rudkin clan know that they are always up to something so they decided to put pepper on my ice cream...............I however came back and ate my desert thinking nothing of it!! I kept wondering why everyone was asking me if my ice cream was hot! It wasn't until later that I realised what they had done!

After dinner came the speeches and I have to say they were all very good. I even got a mention when Lee was discussing the stag do! He had written a list of funny things that had occured and asked which one of of the guests had done it.................I had to own up to being the one who collapsed in a karaoke bar!! With each speech came a toast. The staff at the hotel had brought round some champagne and I was looking forward to having a glass.................until I tasted it and realised it had about a gram of salt in it!..................damn those Rudkin's!!

The evening party went as expected. Lots of drinking, eating, slurring and dodgy dancing! I also managed to see a few old pals who had been invited to the evening which I was really pleased about. I rolled out of there about 1am but I did to take a few pictures before leaving.............


As these pictures will probably illustrate.....................Sunday was spent nursing quite a hefty hangover! I did however manage to get up and go watch my nephew Bradley play football in the morning. Unfortunately they lost 2-0 but it was good to see him play none the less. In the afternoon my brothers and their kids came to my mums house for the customary sunday roast. Whilst I haven't missed much about England since I've been gone, I have definitely missed my family, especially all the kids!

Monday came and it was time to come home. It sounds strange to call Sweden home now but thats what it is and as the weeks go past its feeling more and more like it. I am used to being here now and really feel that I have settled in. Brighton will always be my true home though and its great that its not too far away..................which means I don't have to miss out on weekends like this!!

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