Tuesday, 6 March 2012

In sickness and health

This week I felt back to normal. My tonsillitis has all but cleared up and I was feeling healthy again. The only problem is that Aicha has now fallen sick with the same illness. I feel really bad for her as I know just how horrible an illness it is. Whilst I need to study and look for work, I want to be on hand to look after her as she did for me when I was sick. The thing with this illness is that it completely drains your energy so you have no strength to do anything. I spent most of the time in bed sleeping so I expect Aicha will do the same!

Monday felt like my first day at college. Whilst I did attend twice last week it didn't feel like had as I was so ill and didn't really want to be there! The class is made up of many nationalities, with everyone learning in swedish. Whilst english is very universal, it is hardly spoken in class as the teacher wants us to speak only swedish. The people from the same country generally sit together and those who are the only one from their country tend to sit with the other individuals. I am sitting with some Russian women, Olga, Kristina, Samira and Mouna who is Syrian. They can all speak some english so we can communicate quite well.

This class is designed to teach beginners, not just those who do not know the swedish language but also those who cannot read or write so well. After 6 weeks you are assessed and put into the relevant class based on your level of knowledge. The assessment is made from a series of tests we have to take whilst on the course. From what I can see everyone can read and write pretty well so I think we will move through the module quite quickly!

Most of the first week was spent learning the alphabet and other basic things. Now as I've been with Aicha for 7 years so I already have a basic knowledge of swedish and the language rules, so missing a few days was no big deal but it's always good to refresh things! We then moved onto introductions, useful phrases, verbs and pronouns. One of the things I have noticed about learning another language is how much you begin to learn about your own!

Today we had our first test on what we had learnt over the first week. I think I got a high mark but if anything was to let me down it would be my grammar. When you write things like months or weekdays in swedish, you do not use capital letters like you do in english. I cannot remember if I used the correct grammar or not so I guess we'll see!

I am enjoying college so far.............its good to be actually getting up for something in the morning! It also feels good knowing that I'm doing this for me to give myself a better chance of getting the job I want. I just hope I can get a part-time job soon in the meantime! The weather has got much better here in the last two weeks, it was really sunny today so I decided to walk home from college. I normally take the bus as my college is over 3 miles away in the next town but I had my music with me so I thought lets walk it! Walking through the woods with the tunes pumping reminded me of summertime. It won't be long now until the picnics and barbeques make an appearance.............I can't wait!!! It's just a shame Aicha is sick indoors :(

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