Monday, 26 March 2012

Interesting Weekend!

Friday night I made my debut for The Tudor Arms. I was really looking forward to making my first appearance and was looking to start things off with a win. I was buzzing all day as it has been over 2 months since I played a competitive game. The team we were up against were called AC Azzurri and if you haven't guessed already they were an Italian outfit. The club has yet to win a game pre-season but we were hoping to change that, and things were looking rosy after 20 minutes as we found ourselves one goal to the good. In the following 10 minutes or so we should have extended our lead but unfortunately we couldn't put the ball in the net. This came back to haunt us as just before half time their centre forward was put through on goal and was able to slot the ball past me into the corner to make it 1-1. I was very annoyed at having conceeded as they had never really troubled me up to that point.

The second half began and after about 10 minutes I found myself going in for a 50/50 ball with their centre forward after initially saving a long range shot. As I got my hands on the ball, he slid in with full force and kicked the ball whilst my hands were on it. I managed to hold on the ball but as I stood up I waved to the ref as I could not move my finger. I was quite taken aback when I took my glove off as my finger looked similar to this...............

In all the years playing in goal I have never broken or dislocated a finger before. My team-mate popped it back in straight away and I could move it to begin with but it started to swell very badly so I was advised to go off. It wasn't quite the way I envisaged my debut to pan out but up until that point I had played very well so I couldn't be too dis-heartened. The game ended 2-2 with AC Azzurri having a player sent off for throwing a punch. I have to say the lad was quite brave as he threw a punch at our big Icelandic midfielder who looks like he should be playing rugby not football! I wouldn't fancy my chances if he suddenly lost his temper with me! He kept his cool though and just got on with the game................the player who was sent off left the pitch rather quickly! As someone once said, there is no such thing as a friendly!!

Saturday we spent the day at Barkarby Shopping Outlet and whilst there we popped into IKEA for a spot of lunch. This was the first time since I had moved here that I had been there. It was always tradition that whenever I came to visit Sweden we would go to IKEA for meatballs...............or 'k├Âttbullar' as they are known here! To me IKEA meatballs seem to taste better than any other, and with mash potato and lingonberry sauce with it there is nothing better!..............other than a Sunday roast maybe!

In the evening we were invited to Tom & Josephine's place for a BBQ. It has been a while since I have seen them both so it was good to catch up. The food they cooked was awesome. We had marinated chicken breast, tenderloin steaks, grilled peppers, potato salad and crusty bread, all washed down with a few beers and some white wine. Over dinner we discussed the idea of the four of us going on a trip to Helsinki for the weekend. You can take the ferry from Stockholm on the Friday afternoon and arrive in Helsinki in the morning. You get to spend the day there then you travel back in the evening. It sounds like it could be a right crack and its not too expensive so I think we will definitely book that at some point.

Sunday was a lazy day. The only reason I got up at 9am was to watch the Malaysian Grand Prix otherwise I would have slept until 12!! Aicha's brother Tariq and his girlfriend Paran came to visit in the afternoon. It was good to see them as I hadn't seen or spoken to them since Aicha's fathers birthday meal. Talking with them was the only real socialising I did the entire day! I did speak to my mum in the evening. She has been very sick recently and was admitted to hospital in the week. The doctors have identified the illness but they are not sure yet as to when she can come home. Hopefully it won't be too long and I wish her a speedy recovery. Love you Mum x

Today is Monday which means I have my interview with Castrol tomorrow. I'm not too nervous about it. I can't do anymore than my best and if I miss out on the job then so be it. It will be a good experience for me so I can take lots of positives from it. Hopefully it will go well. Its been delayed a week already so I'm keen to get it done now. Watch this space.................

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