Friday, 9 March 2012

Schools out!!

Today was my last day at college before I fly back to England for Lee's wedding. My excitement reminded me of the last day of term when I was at school as I was constantly looking at the clock!.................the only difference being I get one day off rather than a week! College went very well this week. Although I am only two weeks in I feel so much more confident with the language than I did before. I am talking alot more in swedish with Aicha and her family and it feels good that its all starting to make sense!

We got our results back from Tuesdays test and I scored 69.5 out of 73. As I suspected my grammar let me down on a few questions therefore I was docked 0.5 points for each one. To be honest I'm glad I did not get full marks as I feel you can get ahead of yourself if you are constantly right all the time. I thought the test was fairly easy so I rushed through it and because of that I tripped myself up! The only way to learn is by making mistakes, as long as you learn from them! You know then not to do it again. One thing I must definitely remember is to write the names of countries in swedish!

Some people in class already have a basic knowledge of swedish like me and some people are starting from scratch. Sometimes the teacher will put you on the spot with a question and some find it difficult to answer. I could jump in and answer it for them but that doesn't help them as they need to figure it out themselves with the teacher's assistance. There is however a girl in the class who wants to answer every question whether its directed at her or not. Even if I know the correct answer I tend to take a back seat and let someone else answer but she tries to answer everything! For those of you familiar with the TV show 'Friends', it reminds me of that episode where Phoebe and Monica take a writing class and Monica is constantly saying "I know, I know!!!" every time a question is asked!!

One of the guys complained yesterday that he thought we were moving too quickly through the course. He is from Iraq and can speak english ok but says he is frustrated, and angry, with the pace we are going at. This annoyed me a little because whilst I know quite a bit already I had to start from scratch myself in England and when I did it was a lot harder than what we are doing now! When it was put to him that he can also study at home he said he did not have time................yet he doesn't work! I'm sure there are many people in the class who have busy home lives but you don't see them complaining! Plus the course is free so how can you complain?....................beggars can't be choosers pal!

Right, its time to pack my bag and head back to good olde England. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone and especially looking forward to the wedding. Most of my friends will be there so for me its ideal as I can meet everyone in one place rather than spend the weekend trying to catch up with everyone!! As usual I will provide a full update on my return.............along with some snaps to support the commentary!

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