Thursday, 29 March 2012

The waiting game

Tuesday I had my interview with Castrol but unfortunately there was some kind of mix up as the chap I was due to be interviewed by wasn't there! I was able to be interviewed though, as his boss was able to do it instead..............if a little unprepared! The interview itself went ok I think. I was more nervous on this occasion than the first interview but I didn't let it get to me too much. I came out of it feeling positive but I then started going over everything in my head and did what everyone does after an interview where you think of better things you could have said! I am my own worst critic and can be quite hard on myself so naturally I was annoyed! It's not that I said anything wrong or couldn't answer the questions, I just felt I could have said a bit more. Anyway, not a lot I can do about now! What's done is done so its time to play the waiting game.

Tuesday night Aicha and I decided to go out for dinner and then onto the cinema. The weather has been quite warm this week so I met Aicha from work and we took a stroll into town. Initially we were going to eat chinese at WagaMamas near Central Station but the walk into town took longer than anticipated so we decided to eat lebanese food at a food court called 'Kungsh√§llen' which is opposite the cinema. Kungsh√§llen is one of my favourite places. Whenever I came to visit in the past, I would always make sure I went there at least once! They have all sorts of different cuisines to choose from. They have chinese, mexican, latino, lebonese, indian, greek, name it! All at a reasonable price as well!

Once we finished eating we headed to the cinema to watch Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. I've wanted to see it for a while as I have heard good things, and it certainly didn't disappoint! Whilst I don't think it will be everyone's cup of tea, this sort of film is right up my street. Its quite a slow paced film with not much action but I thought the plot was really good and I thought Gary Oldman was excellent in the lead role. The story is set in the 70's and is about a MI5 agent who is asked to come out of retirement to uncover a soviet spy within the British Intelligence Service. Its really well made and it keeps you guessing right until the end.

Yesterday and today I have been going through my music as Tom and I have decided to take a roadtrip and we need some tunes for the journey. Aicha and Josephine are out of town this weekend so we thought we do something of our own. We are going to a place called Nianfors which is about a 3 hour drive from Stockholm, and we are staying at a country house owed by Josephine's father. Tom has hired a car and we are going to share the driving responsibilities. I thought he was going to hire just your average car but we are going to be driving this................

Its a Chevrolet Camaro! I couldn't believe it we he told me. A proper american muscle car! I can't wait to get out on the open road! I'm not sure how much it cost to hire but from what I have been told its not as expensive as it would be in the UK. I can't wait, its going to be buzzing! I just need to burn some good driving tunes, pick up some food, pack my bag then I'm set! Hopefully the weather will be good for us so we can check out the area once we are there. I will take some DVD's with me just in case the weather is shit. I have an Only Fools & Horses collection which I never get bored of and its been a while since I last watched Band of Brothers! Bring it on!!

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