Monday, 30 April 2012

Busy, busy, busy...........

On Thursday afternoon I met with Christian to sign my contract for the Castrol job. The job title was written down as 'Analyst' but he did say that there will be more to it however this will all be explained better once I start. The contract itself was in swedish. Whilst I have some knowledge of the language there were a few of things that I needed explaining to me but generally I understood most of it. I will be working with Castrol but officially I am employed by the recruitment company. I will be working as one of their consultants on a temporary basis to begin with but the position could become permanent at the end of the contract period. My contract runs up to the end of March 2013 but they have said that this could be extended if necessary if I have not landed a permanent position. I start there on Wednesday afternoon. My new boss will be meeting with me at 1pm then we are having a meeting with the rest of the team to get me up to speed with what they are working on. I am really excited about getting back to work. I left my job at EDF on 23rd Dec 2011 so it's been well over 4 months since I have done an honest days work!

Friday night Aicha and I went to the cinema to see 'The Avengers'. I have to say its one of the best movies I have EVER seen!! It has everything you want from an action movie and is by far the best film I've seen from the Marvel comic book series. I have never read the comic books or seen all the movies but you don't need to have had to enjoy this film. I wasn't quite sure if having all those famous superheroes in one movie would work but boy was I wrong! The Avengers is an incredible movie, not just a great superhero movie but a really good film. The movie starts off with an introduction to each of our heroes and the bad guy Loki, but it's when the heroes come together that the movie becomes something more. There are a lot of big egos flying around and each one is more used to being the centre of attention, especially Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark, who for me steals the show. It's in these heated rows and witty banter that The Avengers becomes something that I really wasn't's really funny! The audience was cheering and clapping all the way through and you couldn't help but get involved. The biggest cheer came when you finally got to see 'The Hulk' in action! For those of you reading this that have not yet seen this a ticket now! You will not be disappointed!!

On Saturday afternoon I took a trip to the local bakery to buy a cake for the family. Its tradition in the Kermoury household to have cake when celebrating something...............and now I had finally found a job we had something to celebrate! After we had scoffed down the cake I headed into town to watch The Tudor Arms first team play against Stockholm Inter FC. The lads lost 1-0 but were unlucky not to get a point having hit the post and missed a penalty in the last few minutes. The opposition were a very good side and I can see them being amongst the front runners at the end of the season so there were alot of positives to take from the game. I hung around after to see if any of the boys were going for a beer. Aicha was out with her friends in the evening and I thought I would make use of the free time but unfortunately everyone went their separate ways so I ended up heading home for a night in front of the TV! It wasn't too bad though. I got to watch a couple of movies and managed to stream 'Match of the Day' online!

Sunday was football day for me. I had been asked the previous day to play in goal for the Tudor Arms veteran's team before I played for the reserve team in the game afterwards. I very rarely say no when being asked to play football so I agreed to play back to back games.................'Mr Clubman' that's me!!! To be eligable to play for the vets you need to be 35 or over so I made sure I didn't shave the night before! The vets game finished 1-1. As you can imagine its wasn't a high tempo game but very enjoyable none the less. It was a very warm day so the boys did well to get through it and were unlucky not to have won. Whilst I was only in goal, I came off the pitch sweating the most as my goalkeeping kit was all black and had absorbed all the heat!

I was to play on pitch for the reserve team this week as we have signed on a new young goalkeeper and the manager wanted to give him his first start. I had already played in goal so I was well up for a stint on pitch. The team we were to play were called Ã…kersberga BK who were a team of youngsters. The average age could only have been 18! Before the game we were quite fearful of their speed but what we lacked in speed we made up in strength and determination. I started the game on the left wing and it wasn't long before I causing their right back problems. I came close to scoring on one occasion when I cut inside the defender only to see my shot pushed round the post by the keeper. We went 1-0 up shortly after that and began to control the game. I'm not the fittest person in the world so I glad to get a rest after half hour when the manager took me off. One thing I should explain though is that at this level in Sweden you can come on and off the pitch as much as you like. Its not like back home where if you come off you stay off. This was good for me as I was able to rest for a bit but it wasn't too before I was itching to come back on!

I finally came back on for the last half hour and slotted in at centre back. I also managed to acquire the captain's armband in the process! Playing alongside me at the back was Enda, an Irish fella. He was solid and made me job a lot easier. My job really was to play sweeper whilst Enda won all the headers but there were a few occasions when I would go on a mazy run thinking I was Alan Hansen! The game finished 2-0 and I was really chuffed to have got our first win of the season. I pointed out afterwards that I am still undefeated as a Tudor Arms player. Long may it continue............!!

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  1. Top work on the job front Bish! That might prove to be a bit of a shock to the system getting back into the 9-5 eh!?
    Hope it all goes well for you, lokoing forward to hearing all about it.

    "Tudor Arms Barmy Army, Tudor Arms Barmy Army"!