Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Easter homecoming............

Last week the whole family took a trip to the UK for the Easter weekend. Aicha and I were joined by her mum, dad, sister and our nephew Younes. My mum had agreed to let us have her house for the weekend while she stayed with her partner Martin, which was really nice of her as it meant we just had to pay for our flights. Aicha and I slept in my old bedroom which my mum has recently decorated for when the grandkids stay over. There was no bed in the room yet so we slept on an air-mattress. To be honest we would have slept anywhere! The air-mattress was quite comfortable but by the time we woke up the air had leaked out so we were left lying on the floor!

We arrived on the Wednesday night and spent the best part of Thursday shopping in Brighton. There were a few things I needed to buy but unsurprisingly it was mainly the girls who did the shopping! I left them in town around 2pm as I had to head back towards home because I had arranged a visit to my old employers EDF Energy at 3pm. For some strange reason I felt a bit nervous going back there, I really can't put my finger on why I felt like that. Maybe it was because everyone would be questioning me about things here! As expected that did happen, but I was happy to talk about it..................even if I had to repeat myself about 50 times!! It was definitely good seeing everyone again. Nothing much has changed since I left. Everyone is still busy and working hard.....................not that much can change really in 4 months!

That evening we ordered chinese take-out, which is becoming a bit of a tradition when the in-laws come to visit! Take-out is a bit of a rarity in Sweden so they make the most of when they are in the UK. Every night of our stay we had chinese! On Good Friday we did some more shopping in the morning then we met my sister Jo and her newly adopted daughter Emilia at St Ann's Well Gardens cafe. The weather was quite warm so we sat outside. It was really nice seeing them again. Emilia is such a cute little girl and they seem to have a really good connection. After we left Jo, I headed into Hove to meet my friend James for a suit fitting. James is getting married in August and I am his best man so I had to take the opportunity whilst in the UK to get measured up! He and his fiance Jemma had initially chosen the colour for the suits and ties but that all changed once he got to trying on the suits! He ended going for a grey suit with a chequed pink and white waistcoat. I will be wearing the same except I will be in a cream cravat and he will be in a lairy bright pink one! All in all I think they made a good choice with the suits...................especially with the lairy pink cravat as it suits James' personally!!!

Friday night was spent out with my brothers and a few of my old team mates at our local pub. My sister's boyfriend Pete was DJ and he had laid on some karaoke. We had a right good crack! Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for a good old sing-song.....................and it wasn't long before I was up on stage belting out a bit of 'Mustang Sally'!! Apart from the DJ only me and one other local got up and sang the entire time! As the night went on my singing got increasing worse with each pint...................such to the extent the karaoke was abandoned! By that point all I wanted to do was boogie so it was left to Pete bang out the tunes! I rolled out of the pub about 1am leaving my brother and a few of the boys in there for a lock-in. I would have stayed a bit longer if I been on my own but I had my swedish family staying with me and I didn't want to be hanging the next day..................or do something stupid when I got in a silly'o'clock! I need not have worried though because my brother took on that responsibility when he came steaming in at 4am to phone a cab and woke everyone up!! Before things got too messy, I did manage to take a few snaps..................

Saturday was less busy. Aicha and her sister spent the day in town with Younes whilst I stayed at home and chilled out. That evening we had all arranged to meet my mum for dinner but unfortunately Aicha's mum Inga was sick so she and Mustapha couldn't make it. It was a real shame as it would have been nice for us all to have gone out together. My brother Chris came as well with the kids and Jenni. It was great to see the boys again. Charlie seems to get taller every time I see him!

We left the UK on Sunday afternoon. I felt great to be back there again but I was also keen to get back to Sweden because I had been called back for a third interview with Castrol. The interview took place today and I thought it went well. Like always there were a couple of questions that I thought I could have done better with but in general I think I did myself justice. They told me that I will hear back within a week so its back to playing the waiting game.................again!!

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