Thursday, 26 April 2012

The job has landed!!

What a week it has been so far! Its been pretty hectic I can tell you! On Sunday night I played in my first league game for The Tudor Arms reserves against Norrtulls. The game finished 2-2 but we took many positives from the performance. It is a new look team with many new faces (including myself) and it definitely showed in the first 15 minutes. We went a goal down quite early following some sloppy marking but as the game progressed we managed to get a foothold in the game. We began to dominate the play and were unlucky not to score in the first half. Just before half time, and against the run of play, we unfortunately conceded another goal but in the second half we showed great determination and eventually got the two goals back. We were unlucky not to win the game in the end as we dominated the second half and squandered some great chances in the final moments. I was pleased with my performance although I wasn't pleased with conceding two goals! I made some vital saves at key points in the game which hopefully will help my push for a place in the first team. All in all it was a good performance by everybody which really bodes well for the season.

On Tuesday I got some fantastic news! Christian from the recruitment agency called me to say that Castrol wanted to offer me a position with them! As you can imagine I was over the moon! They still haven't yet outlined what my duties are exactly as its a temporary position to begin with but I have a meeting with him later this week to sign my contract and discuss the details. The job is full-time and I start next Wednesday which means I won't be able to go to college during the day any longer however they have told me that I can move onto one of their evening courses which is good news. This has been a long time coming so naturally I wanted to go out and celebrate with Aicha. The weather was really nice so we arranged to meet for a drink in the city once she had finished work. Like in England, once the sun is out everyone flocks to the bar terraces...........

On Wednesday morning the college arranged for the group to visit a museum called 'Vasamuseet'. The museum was built to house an old swedish warship (The Vasa) which had been salvaged from the seabed in the 1960's and restored. It sank on its maiden voyage in 1628 less than a mile from where it was launched. The ship had over 450 crew members and was the biggest in the fleet at the time. It capsized in high winds because it did not have enough ballast below deck to counterweight the masts and sails. The story of this ship is very famous throughout Sweden and the museum is one of its biggest attractions. I've been meaning to visit ever since I moved here but never had the chance to so I was really happy that the college had arranged this. The museum itself is really interesting. There are many items that have been recovered and that are on show plus there is the ship itself. There is an auditorium there which shows a film depicting the building, sinking and recovery of the ship. The recovery and restoration of the ship I found more interesting than the ship itself! It took over 2 years to bring it the surface and over 10 years to restore it! I also managed to get a few snaps on my way around the museum..................

This was definitely a fun way to spend the morning! Normally I am stuck in a classroom but here it felt like something out of 'Pirates of the Caribbean'! The ship actually reminded my of One Eyed Willie's ship from The Goonies..................except it did not have any treasure onboard or a fat kid doing the truffle shuffle!! After I left the museum I met Aicha for lunch near her office. I am lover of sushi and so is Aicha so luckily for us there is a sushi bar right next door to where she works! Unfortunately it wasn't all you can eat..................which is just as well really because I would probably still be there now!!

As I had now secured a job it meant that I could spend my afternoon doing something fun instead of looking for work! I decided to head to the cinema to watch the new film version of 21 Jump Street. I can just about remember the TV series with Johnny Depp from the 80's however this was a comedy version. Depp does pop up with a cameo appearance but he has barely two minutes of screen time. The film has had some good reviews and having seen it I can see why. It has some really funny moments and I recommend anyone who is a fan of Jonah Hill to see it.

Today is Thursday which means tomorrow is my last day at college as the school is closed both Monday and Tuesday next week. It will be a shame to leave the group as I have made some good friends there but getting a job was my main priority, and now that I have got one I can tick that box! Happy days!!

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