Friday, 13 April 2012

New class

Following my stint in the UK it was time to head back to college. It has been six weeks since I began my swedish course and we had reached the stage where we would be slotted into our new classes. The class which you were to be allocated to depended on how you scored on the various tests given over the previous six weeks. Luckily for me I have very well so I was put into the top group...................but it seems that I wasn't the only one as 90% of my new class is made up of my original classmates! Those that didn't make the top class were generally those who could not speak english. I was pleased that most of us made it into the group as we have built up a good relationship with each other since we started.

Hopefully now that I have been moved up I can start to learn less of the basic stuff (of which most I already knew) and more of things I'm not familiar with. So far we have covered introductions, verbs, numbers, directions, weather and food. Recently we have also learnt dates and one of the things we had to do in class this week was ask each when our birthdays were. I felt a bit of tit though when I was asked by my Romanian classmate when my birthday was. I told him the date (which is in August) and he then said "Lion" meaning the star sign Leo. I misheard him and thought he said "liar" so in response I said "no I'm not lying that is when my birthday is"!! When I realised what he had actually said I fell about laughing!................what a numpty!!

With college taking up my mornings, I have the afternoons free to do as I please so on Wednesday I decided to head to the cinema to see American Pie: Reunion. I have been looking forward to seeing it for ages. Aicha didn't fancy it so I ended going by myself.............sad I know! I'm a fan of the film series and can remember seeing the first one at the cinema back in 1999 with my mates. When I say the film series I mean the first three films not those shit spin offs!!

If you liked the original films then you will love this! It was sooo funny! I basically pissed myself for 2 hours!! All the characters were just as great as they were in the original films. Jim, Kevin, Finch, Oz, and of course the man who comes with most of the laughs Stifler are all back, as well as pretty much every single speaking roll from the original movie. I will say this is as good if not better than the original. The story is great and pretty realistic as it relates to what most of us are going through today. We moan about our jobs, we're married or in some kind of rut. We still just want to be the kids we were at school but it's hard because as much as we don't like to admit it we have all grown up!!

Today is Friday which means tomorrow is football day. Liverpool are playing Everton in the FA Cup semi final so I will be watching the game with Micke in my usual haunt The Dubliner. Liverpool's league season so far has been under-par. Even having won the Carling Cup, it would be a disappointment if we do not add the FA Cup to the seasons honours. I really believe we will get through although I think it will be really close game. I can feel the nerves already.................

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