Thursday, 19 April 2012

On the bright side............

This week I was feeling pretty pleased with myself as Liverpool had made it through the FA Cup final and things were looking positive on the job front. The game on Saturday was a tense affair with Liverpool managing to win 2-1 over Everton with a goal by Andy Carroll in the last few minutes. The victory was made even more sweeter as it finally shut up an annoying Everton fan who was shouting his mouth off in the pub. The whole game he was in our ear about how shit Liverpool are and what a waste of money Andy Carroll was.....................How do you feel now loser!?!

On the job front things were looking good as I received an e-mail from my old boss at EDF Energy saying that the recruitment company had been in touch about a reference for the Castrol Oil job. This was postive news as Christian, the recruitment consultant, said they would only get in contact with my references if they were going to move forward with me. Whilst I didn't want to jump the gun I felt that I had at least one foot in the door. To my disappointment though, I received a call from Tobias at Castrol saying that they have decided to go with an internal applicant.L

However, he did go onto say that there is another job possibility with them as they are in need of a project manager temporarily. I have not officially managed in a company before however I did mention in my interview that I was looking to move into management some day, so I can only assume this is why they thought of me. He never said why I was unsuccessful in getting the analyst job but if I had to take a guess it would probably be because my swedish isn't up to scratch.................either that or I was over-qualified!!.................that's what I will tell myself anyway!!

I have been involved with project work before and have worked with many project managers so I know what is required. So looking on the brightside this could become a good development opportunity. The job itself is not within the company structure therefore the details of the job have not been outlined. Tobias said he will contact me later in the week to discuss it but nothing is concrete at the moment. Over the last few weeks I have continued to apply for other jobs but as yet none of the companies I have applied to have asked me for an interview. I have however had plenty of responses saying they have gone with other applicants!..................must be the swedish thing again!!

This week I was back football training with the Tudor Arms. We have our first league games of the season this weekend for both the A and B teams. The A team are playing on Friday night but unfortunately I didn't make the squad so I will be playing for the B team on Sunday. This doesn't bother me too much at the moment as I just want to play but going forward I want to be playing in the first team. Knowing myself as I do, I won't settle for being the number two. Whilst I can't expect to walk straight into the first team, my performances in training have been pretty good so if I keep that up and perform well playing for the B team, I should be knocking hard on that door fairly soon.

The training session was particularly fun for me as we had three goalkeepers playing including myself. This meant that during the training match one of us would play on pitch. I fancied a stint outfield so luckily for me I was put on the team with two keepers. The first half I played right midfield and managed to score to put us 2-0 up. By the second half I was knackered so I decided it was time for me to go back between the sticks. It turned to be the perfect match as I did not concede any goals! Gaffer, take note: One goal and one clean sheet...................Happy days!!

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  1. Oh, what a pain about the job, still- things happen for a reason, and maybe the Project Manager one will come off and be even better for you!