Friday, 4 May 2012

Back to work

This week I began my first day at Castrol. I started there on Wednesday afternoon so it meant that I had Monday and Tuesday free. It was a bank holiday on Tuesday as it was the 1st of May. As you know we have the first Monday of May as a bank holiday but here it always falls on the 1st. I'm not sure what happens when it falls on a weekend though! Aicha had a half day on Monday so I met her when she was done. The weather was quite warm so we took a stroll around the city and stopped at a cafebar along the waterside. It felt so nice to be sitting out in the sun again. We were not the only ones who felt that way as there were many people out enjoying the sun!

Wednesday was the first day on the job. I was only in the office for the afternoon so my time was just spent introducing myself to people and trying understand how the business works. The job itself will be to lead a internal pricing project and plan its implementation. I have previously been involved in projects but have never been responsible for one so its quite a daunting prospect! I am a little bit nervous at the moment as the are some time constraints to it so I need to get up to speed as quickly as possible but as its all new to me its taking some time to understand things. Unfortunately I have not had my email set up yet so I can really communicate with anyone! Hopefully it should be set up on Monday though!

On Thursday I spent most of the day in a meeting to discuss the plans going forward. We had some representatives from other business areas around Europe presenting the information and I found the session really useful. In the evening we were taken out for a meal along with some of the other members of the meeting. We went to a really fancy restaurant called 'El Diablo'. The food there was awesome! We had four courses which consisted of bread and pate, sliced duck, beef steak with potatoes and sorbet with biscuits for dessert. It was a great meal and it felt good to socialise with the team outside of the office.

Today was quite difficult for me. I was really struggling to understand some of the tasks I needed to do. Because I don't have a wealth of knowledge there were alot things bouncing around in my head. Next week is going to be quite hectic so I was trying get cracking on some of the things I needed to do but because I was not sure on a few things I felt I was going round in circles! Aicha keeps telling me that I'm putting myself under too much pressure considering I have only been there 2 and a half days and I guess shes right but its difficult get out of that mindset. I found a good website ( which gives some a good advice about starting a new role. so hopefully that will help me along the way.

Tomorrow is Saturday but more importantly its FA Cup final day with the mighty Liverpool taking on Chelsea. Hopefully the mighty reds can win the cup and put me in a positive mood for the coming week!!

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