Saturday, 2 June 2012

Just be patient..........

Since my last blog my time has mostly been spent working, looking at apartments and at the movies. There was no football for me last weekend as we had Aicha's brother visiting with his girlfriend plus we had some viewings booked in which clashed with the game. The boys didn't need me anyway as they ran out comfortable winners and besides it was nice for me to have a weekend away from football!!

We saw two properties on Sunday. One was a three bedroom house in a place called Vinsta and the other was a newly built apartment in a nearby town called Racksta. Aicha was quite excited about seeing the house as the pictures looked good and it was well within our budget...................but when we got there that excitement quickly evaporated. This was a prime example of where the reality did not live up to the image in the brochure! Everything needed to be refurbished. Most of the doors had cracks/holes in them and the bathroom contained mould. The kitchen was tiny as well. It had looked a decent size when we saw the pictures online but it had obviously be taken with a wide angled lens from the corner of the room.....................I didn't know whether to complain or clap!! Suffice to say we left there pretty sharpish!

The second place we saw was much better. This was a two bedroom apartment in a recently built block. It was a little far out of the way (it was around a 10-15 mins walk to the tube) but the surroundings were great plus it was nice and quiet. The inside of the apartment was lovely. The bathroom and kitchen were a good size, there was plenty of storage and the balcony was huge. The only problem was the second bedroom. It was tiny!! The people living there were using it as a child's room and no lie it was too small for that! They just managed to fit a child's bed in there, which was about two thirds the size of a single bed. It was really disappointing as the apartment ticked all the right boxes except that one! We need to have a good sized second bedroom for when friends/family come to visit plus we are planning to have children in the not too distant future so we need to have the room. I was quite disheartened afterwards as you start to feel that you will never find somewhere..................especially when you found something so close to what you are looking for!!

On Tuesday we had another apartment viewing this time in a place called Kista. Aicha was again excited but I was staying reserved after our visit to Vinsta! Kista is one of the places which always comes up when we are discussing where to live. It is on a tube line and has a huge shopping mall complete with a cinema, bars and a bowling alley so there is plenty to do right on your doorstep. The apartment viewing was a 5 minute walk from the tube station and the area was pleasant so it was good in that respect but the apartment itself never captured me. Aicha loved it straight away but I couldn't bring myself to like it. I felt that a lot of things needed to be redone plus I also thought the bathroom was a bit on the small side. The size and the layout were fine but there was something I didn't like about it........................which even now I still can't put my finger on!! So far we have both had the same opinion on the apartments we have looked but this one we simply could not agree on.....................cue lengthy discussion bordering on argument!!

I just couldn't explain why I didn't like. For me it was just asking someone why they don't like a certain colour. There is no explanation, they just don't!! When Aicha doesn't like something she generally gives a valid reason why. I, on the other hand, do not...............I just don't like it! Now it was her turn to feel how I felt after the viewing on Sunday. It's very easy to start thinking that you will never find somewhere, particular when you have been on as many viewings as we have. But I explained that we have only really been able to seriously consider buying somewhere since I got my job which was only four weeks ago. All the ones that we had looked at in the past was just window shopping. Theoretically we are just at the beginning of our search so we just need to be patient.................that is the positive spin I'm going for anyway!!

After our lengthy discussion we headed to the cinema to see Men in Black 3. Now I'm a fan of the first two films so I had quite high expectations for this one....................and it just about lived up to them! The film starts slowly but once Josh Brolin, who plays the younger version of Tommy Lee Jones' character K, comes on screen then the movie goes up a notch. His performance is so good that you forget it's him and actually completely believe it's just a younger version of Tommy Lee Jones that you're seeing! The film goes backs to its roots and gives you the chance to relive much of what you enjoyed in the first movie. A cool sci-fi/buddy comedy that embraces everything weird and wonderful about the unknown universe!!

Last night we went to see 'What To Expect When You're Expecting'..................but less said about that the better!! It had some funny moments but my expectation had not been that high so I can't say I was disappointed!

Things have been picking up the pace with work over the last week. I am really starting to feel at home there now..................which is good as I feel much less anxious and less and less like 'the new guy'!! Next week is going to be really busy as we have a bank holiday on Wednesday for Sweden's national day plus I'm going to Turkey next weekend with the family so I need to make sure all my work is covered off. It's a little bit daunting on paper as it looks like so much work but I enjoy being busy so hopefully it will be more fun than stressful.......................famous last words!!!

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  1. I was literally about to send you a message on FB saying: 'Blog update????' but thought I'd check here again first!
    I'm sorry you haven't found anywhere yet- you must both be disappointed but the right home WILL present itself. Maybe it's just not ready for you yet, but it will be. Things have a funny habit of turning out as they are meant to in the end, but things aren't always in our timing! :)