Thursday, 19 July 2012


For the last few months we have been thinking about travelling to visit Aicha's brother Tariq in Örebro, which is around 160km west of Stockholm. Tariq moved to Örebro back in 2010 to study economics at the university and has an apartment there which he shares with his girlfriend Paran. We had not yet decided if or when we would visit however the decision was made for us when Tariq bought Aicha a voucher for her birthday which meant we would need to go to Örebro to redeem it!! The voucher was for entry to a leisure complex which included swimming pools, diving areas, saunas, steam rooms, tanning salons and jacuzzi's....................and luckily for me the voucher was for two!! We decided to go there for a long weekend so I booked Friday off work and we headed there by train on the Thursday evening.

We arrived in Örebro around 9:15pm having been delayed by about an hour in Stockholm. When we boarded the train it was packed full of people and the only seats that we could find were in first class. The journey was approximately two hours and we only had standard tickets but there was no way I was gonna stand the entire time!! We parked up in first class and just waited for someone to move us on......................but no one did!! For the full two hours we sat in comfort! I even had a power point built into my chair which I could plug my charger into so that my phone would not run out of battery. Lately I have been trying to catch up with english TV shows so I used the time watching 'Mock the Week' and 'Would I Lie To You' on the mobile!!

Tariq and Paran met us at the train station then we headed into the town centre for a few drinks. There is a large square in the centre of town where surrounding bars and clubs have transformed it into an outside dining and drinking area. We pitched up at one of the bars and sat there chatting for a couple hours. By the time we left it was about 11pm..............but you wouldn't have known that if you didn't have a watch because it was still light out!!

The next morning we headed to the leisure complex which is called 'Gustavsvik'. It was a basically an indoor water park, but with our vouchers we had access to the relaxation area as well. In there you had a bar with a hot tub in the middle of it, so once you had been down to the swimming pool you could head back upstairs to chill out with a few beers!! There were only a few other people in there so it was nice to relax in it was good to get away from the noise from the swimming pool area! When I did go downstairs I didn't do much swimming though. I headed straight to the water slides and the rapids!!

I felt like a kid again!! There was one slide which shoots you into a large bowl then go round and round before finally falling through a hole in the bottom. It looked like a giant toilet!! The rapids was the one I spent most of my time on though. You climb to the top then you just let the current take you to bottom, through a series of slides and tunnels..................but with so many people going down at once it felt like a giant games of bundles!!! I must have been elbowed and kicked in the head more times than I can remember but it was amazing!! They also had diving boards in the main pool, ranging from 3 meters to 10. I plucked up the courage to jump from the 10 meter board................but I only did it the once as it played havoc with my balls when I hit the water!!! We were there for around 6 hours and even then I didn't want to leave! Before we left I had to have a few more goes on the rapids...................I couldn't resist!! I'm just a big kid at heart really!

The rest of our time in Örebro was spent shopping and seeing the sights. It only a small place but it has some really nice areas. There was some interesting artwork on display as well, one of which was a rotating car................although no-one was really sure what it was supposed to represent! Tariq mentioned that the previous year they had a 50 foot plastic rabbit on display in the square and even to this day he doesn't know what it was for!! Another place we went to was an area called Kumla which had a beautiful man made lake in the middle of it. I was told that the lake and the surrounding landscape were based on a painting but I'm not sure who by. It certainly looked familiar...............


Whilst I enjoyed my time in Örebro I'm not sure if I would want to live there as its a bit too quiet for me and, unlike Stockholm, there isn't an awful lot to do. It was a good weekend there none the less and it was great spending time with Tariq and Paran. 

This week has been quite busy although by that I mean outside of work. Everybody in my team is on summer vacation at the moment and I am the only in!! I haven't been just twiddling my thumbs though. I have been working hard but being on your own does mean you can relax a bit as there are no interruptions! Outside of work this week I have been spending my time either playing football or at the movies. Last night I saw 'Prometheus', which a prequel to 'Alien', and its a film I been meaning to see even since I first read about its release. Having seen it though, I found it a little frustrating. That's not to say it's a bad movie because it isn't. It's just that it left a lot of unanswered questions. Whilst it ties up a lot of loose ends from 'Alien', it then goes on to create a whole load of new ones!! Maybe that was the point of the movie, and they have definitely left it open for a sequel of its own.....................but I was hoping my curiosity could have been conquered without having to wait for the next film!

Yesterday I picked my tickets for 'The Dark Knight Rises', which is premiering here on Tuesday night. Now that is a film I cannot wait to see!! I am a massive fan of the new series of Batman films and from what I have read this one is the best of the bunch. Aicha and I are going to make an evening of it as we going to a BBQ beforehand......................roll on Tuesday!!

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