Wednesday, 22 August 2012

It Sofa!!

After Aicha took her driving lesson on Saturday, we decided it was time to pull our fingers out and buy a sofa for the new apartment. So far we have only bought the dining table and chairs, and with only 10 weeks until the move it was necessary that we get the sofa ordered because it can take up to 10 weeks for delivery. I had already said to Aicha that I didn't mind how the rest of the apartment looked as long as I got the sofa and TV I wanted! I have just bought a Playstation 3, complete with FIFA 12, so I need a good entertainment centre! Aicha has already knocked me down from a 60" TV to a 55" so I was on a mission to get my way with the sofa!

We both agreed that the sofa would be a dark shade of grey (where have I heard that before??) and that the seat area would be in the shape of a 'U', so we went along to Mio (which is the equivalent of DFS for my UK subscribers) for a look. There were many nice sofas on display but none of which matched my requirements, so the only solution was to take advantage of their 'Design Your Own' option. This was more expensive than the display models but the benefit is that you get what you want. After around 20 minutes of discussing what fabrics and attire to go for, this is what we went with................

I was really pleased with the purchase. I won't say how much it cost but let's just say that it's the second most expensive thing I have ever bought...................after my apartment!! How often do you buy a sofa anyway? Its definately an investment thats for sure! It will be delivered one week after we get the keys to the new place and I can't wait!!

After that we headed back to house as I was barbequing for the family in the afternoon. I didn't know I was barbequing until it was sprung on me earlier in the day, but I didn't mind though as I quite enjoy cooking and we had a really nice afternoon. On the Sunday I had a agreed to play two matches for the Tudor Arms as they had a fixture pile-up and needed players to represent the reserve team. Each game was played in the city but unfortunately for me the games were 6 hours apart which meant I had to do the 90 minute round trip twice in one day! We lost the reserve game 2-1 but I won 2-1 with vets in the evening, so the score evened itself out in the end! I can't wait until we move as all this commuting is a nightmare! Getting back and forth from work and footy is a real ball ache at the moment!

In the office this week things have been really positive. The project that I am managing is starting to move forward at pace and all the hard work that I have put in over the last few months to get it off the ground is really starting to pay dividends. So much so that my manager has asked if I would consider becoming a permanent member of BP Castrol. At the moment I am employed as a consultant through an external agency and my existing contract terminates in March, so to be in a position to become permanent is fantastic. With taking on a new mortgage this could not have come at better time for us and hopefully, if everything pans out, I could be fully employed by BP..................and have all the benefits that comes with that!!

As well as working this week I have also been preparing for my best man duties on Friday at James' wedding. I have just finished writing my speech, which I have done many drafts of but I am confident that it will be well received. The one thing I wanted it to be was original, and I think after rewriting it a few times it definitely is. There are a few cliche' jokes that I have borrowed from the internet but 90% of it is my own work. I'm sure it will be fine. I have done it once before at my brother's wedding, which went down well, but there is nothing worse than cracking a joke which gets no response!!

The only thing I'm really worried about is whether this cold sore I have will clear up by Friday!..................wish me luck!!

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