Saturday, 15 September 2012


Another weekend, another journey! This time it was to Gothenburg with the missus. Before the summer we had a pencilled down a few places that we intended to visit and Gothenburg was on the list. I think now we have ticked off everything with the exception of KolmÃ¥rden Wildlife Park, which hopefully we will get to see before the winter comes. If not we can always push it back to next year, although we are intending to go to The States in the spring so it may have to go on the 'back burner' for a while!

We left by train for Gothenburg early Friday morning and the journey took approximately 4 hours. The portable DVD player which I got for my birthday came in very handy! We arrived around midday and booked straight into our hotel, which was located above the train station..............again very handy! We dropped the bags off then headed out to explore the city. We walked to a place called 'Avenyn' (The Avenue), which is probably the most famous street in Gothenburg and is bang in the middle of everything. Most big cities have a street like's about half a mile long and littered with bars, clubs and restaurants! There is also a series of canals flowing through city, which were quite picturesque.............

After eating lunch we walked around for a few more hours then headed back to hotel to chill out before the evening activities began. We decided to eat dinner at an Italian restaurant but before we dined we headed to a little cocktail bar called 'Drinks 22' for a few......erm......cocktails! Aicha was on the Cosmopolitans and I had a little something of I do not know what! It was very nice though! 

After dinner we went on a bit of a pub crawl and ended up quite tipsy by the end of the night. By the time we hit the last bar of the evening I was on the Jack Daniels so it was no surprise really that I decided to throw my money into the fruit machines! But surprisingly within 10 minutes of putting in a 50 kronor (that's about a fiver to you English folk) I was up 400! To collect you winnings its not like back home where the coins drop out the bottom. Here you are given a receipt which you cash at the bar. I cashed out and bought a few more drinks, although unsurprisingly it wasn't long before I was skint again, as I put most of my winnings into another machine and lost!! Mental note kids..............'Always quit whilst your ahead!'.

The next day we decided to go to 'Liseberg', which is a theme park located in the centre of the city. Before that though we decided to go to place called 'Gothia Towers' for lunch (and cocktails!). The restaurant was on the top floor of the building and had a great view of the city. Not only did we read that they had great views from the restaurant, we also read that their deluxe prawn sandwiches were awesome so we ordered one to share. Unfortunately it did not live up to expectation as the sandwich mainly consisted of mayonnaise (although the prawns did well to conceal that fact!). The cocktails we had were nice though. The drink I ordered was a Japanese take on a long island iced tea. Very tasty indeed! I can't remember if Aicha enjoyed her cocktail or not but I do know that she did not enjoy being asked to pay to collect her coat from the cloakroom!! When we arrived at the restaurant the guy at the entrance told us that coats where not allowed in the restaurant and that Aicha could put hers in the cloakroom. Not at any point did he mention that she would have to pay 20 kronor for the privilege! How can a place have a rule against having coats then charge you for it?? If we chose to put our coats in the cloakroom then fine charge us but charging for having to put our coats in there? They can do one!...................which is exactly what Aicha told them to do!!

After lunch we headed to Liseberg which was across the road from 'Gothia Towers'. Now Aicha is not a great thrill seeker like me and does not go on the fast rides...................but that wasn't going to stop me so I ordered the full day pass at the entrance which allows you to go on everything! The first thing we went on was the big ferris wheel. At the top you could see over the whole park. The thing I noticed was that unlike the theme parks back home which are built on a flat piece of land, this place was built on a hill! After that Aicha and I went our separate ways for a while whilst I began queuing for the thrill rides. As this was a Saturday the queues were quite long, so whilst I was queuing Aicha spent her time going around the games machines trying to win chocolate!! She won about 3 large packs in the end I think!!

I didn't manage to go on everything as it was far too busy but I just about got my moneys worth I think. The highlight for me was a ride called 'Atmos Fear', which is one of those rides where you are slowly taken up a tall spire then dropped from the top. This thing was about 200 feet tall and I remember thinking as I got about half way up 'why the hell did I do this??'!!! Once it dropped, the fall seemed to last forever but I had the most amazing buzz afterwards!! I got a few pictures from the day, can you guess which one of me was taken on 'Atmos Fear'.................?

At around 4:30pm we decided to leave Liseberg and head back towards the hotel. That particular weekend there was a music festival in Gothenburg, with several famous Swedish artists playing free concerts all across the city. Aicha had seen on a poster that the Swedish hiphop artist 'Timbuktu' was playing close to our hotel at 6pm, so we decided to go along to watch. I had never heard of this guy but apparently he has quite a big following in Sweden and has had lots of success. Loads of people came out to see him and I have to say he was pretty good! We only stayed for about an hour as we hadn't eaten and were quite tired but we had a good time there none the less..........


On Sunday it was time to go home. We checked out the hotel at around 11:30am and headed down to the train station to see if we could take an earlier train back to Stockholm, as the tickets we had were for 4:30pm. Unfortunately for us the tickets could not be transferred so we had to wait it out. Whilst I didn't relish the idea of having to kill four hours, it did mean I was able to watch the Italian Grand Prix in a bar......................and it was a belter!! Not sure if Aicha would agree though!!

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