Sunday, 30 September 2012

So Far, So Near........

I have been excited all this week for 2 reasons.................well actually 3 reasons. Firstly, the league season for The Tudor Arms had reached its climax and the championship decider was to be played on Friday night. Then on Saturday Aicha and I had tickets to The Stockholm Beer & Whiskey Festival. Then thirdly, but most importantly, it was now under a week until we get the keys to the new apartment!!!

Unfortunately Friday night did not go to plan for The Tudor Arms. A win would have secured the title and it was looking like it was our night when we took the lead early in the second half. But with less than 7 minutes remaining Ursvik equalized. A draw would give the advantage in the title race back to Ursvik, as they would be champions providing they won their final match. But worst was to follow as with 3 minutes remaining Ursvik scored a second goal and effectively ended our title chances. It was a cruel blow to everyone and it was very tough to take considering we had been literally minutes away from victory. Still, that's football! I have to say that Ursvik were worthy winners and if we were to lose to anybody I'm glad it was to them. It didn't make the defeat any easier to take but as I said before we have had a tremendous season and we should all be proud to have achieved what we did. After the match the players all went back at the Pol Hem pub in Fridhemsplan where we discussed all the 'ifs' and 'buts' from the game.......................but after a few drinks the mood picked up and everyone was laughing and joking again!

Saturday morning I woke up with a slight hangover but what made me feel better was knowing that Aicha was suffering too so I wasn't the only one!! Aicha had been out on Friday night with Calle's sister Sara and cocktails were the main weapon of choice!! Although I'm not sure if it was the cocktails that were causing her headaches or the fact that her bank balance had taken a considerable battering..........................cocktails are not exactly cheap in Sweden!! To make ourselves feel better I suggested that we eat lunch out at an 'all you can eat' restaurant. My hangover food is sushi so we headed to a Mongolian place we knew in the was just what we needed!!

After lunch we headed to the Beer & Whiskey Festival which our friend Josephine had arranged tickets for. Josephine works for Heineken and she had many of her brands featured at the festival so she was able to get us the tickets. We got there around 4pm and it was already packed! There were two halls in the building, both of which were full of stalls. Although it was called 'The Beer & Whiskey Festival', there were lots of other things being sold, such as liquors, liquorice and cheese.

I had never been to one of these events before but the routine was pretty straight forward. When you arrive you are given a beer glass and whiskey glass then you just go around trying all the beers and whiskey!! Each beer taster cost around £2 but for that you got about a third of a pint. The first hall we walked around just sold mainly beer, which was fine for me but not so much for Aicha so after a couple of tasters we headed to the other hall.....................which turned out to be much better! The other hall was less crowded and had much more variety. It also had places to sit like in a regular bar which the other hall did not. For us that was a big plus as we were both still quite tired from the previous night!! Aicha did manage to get a couple of pictures though.....................


We had arranged to hook up with our friend Tom and his work colleagues around 6pm, which we did manage to do, but after sinking some Mojitos, Amaretto and a few more beers we were knackered so we decided to head home. I really enjoyed the afternoon there and I would definitely go again if it comes back next year. I think we would go on a weekday though as the only downside to it was that it was so busy. Both Aicha and I can feel a bit uncomfortable when there are too many people around so next time we will go on the Friday.

As mentioned we will soon be picking up the keys to the new apartment and today we have been shopping for all of the things we need to decorate. We don't need to do too much work the place other than painting and wall papering. We will be putting feature walls in both the lounge and our bedroom so we spent today collecting all the equipment we needed. I haven't wall papered before but I've seen it done and I'm sure it can't be too difficult!!

It feels that everything is falling into place now. My job is going really well and in 5 days time we officially take ownership of our new home! I estimate that it will take us the best part of a week to get the work done but we have both taken Friday off work so most of it should be done by the end of next weekend. Our aim is to move in the following weekend, which is when all of our furniture is being delivered.

It seems so close now but its been a long time coming. We had our offer accepted at the beginning of June so it has been over 4 months of waiting. So far, so near....................

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