Friday, 26 October 2012

Home Sweet Home!

So, we have finally moved in! Its been a long journey over the past few weeks but we have finally made it!! It feels great to have our own place at last and it looks a lot different from we took ownership. We still have a few jobs to do, namely redecorate the spare bedroom but everything else is pretty much there. I have been waiting for the day when I could just sit on my new sofa, relax, and just enjoy what we now have. That day came last Sunday..............

Aicha went out for the day with her friends to see Dirty Dancing so I had the day to myself. To make use of my free time I spent the morning finishing off some odd jobs, which in turn allowed me to spend the afternoon chilling out.................watching DVD's and playing on my new PS3! Once I had completed my tasks I sat back on my new sofa, cracked open a tin of beer and fired up the 55 inch LED TV!!

It was the moment I had been waiting for................!!

I don't think I have ever enjoyed my own company as much as I did that day! The new TV has the internet so I was able to catch up with all of the English shows I have missed on the big screen. Up until now I have been watching everything on the laptop................which is fine, but it's not a touch on my new best friend Samsung!!

We knew months before we moved in what sofa we having and which TV we were buying, so to finally get the opportunity to enjoy it after waiting so long was a real treat.................even more so when the reality was better than you expected!!. Before we moved in I said that I didn't really give a shit what we bought for the rest of the apartment as long as I got the sofa and TV I wanted...................although if I did have problem with the other things I'm sure I would have said something however Aicha and I have similar tastes and what she chose was spot on! I think it looks really good but see what you think............

We still have some more pictures to hang up, one of which arrived today. There is quite a large area to the right of the TV which we wanted to fill with something, although we couldn't think of what to put there...................that was until Aicha suggested that we should find a nice picture of Brighton to put there. 'That's a great shout honey!' I said. 'A nice little homage to home would be awesome.......................but what picture?' For the next few hours we looked online at various pictures of Brighton until we found one we both liked. We had it printed onto a canvas in black and white and the result was amazing! It's now hanging proudly on the wall......................

If I can't be in Brighton then I will bring Brighton to me!

The weekend is now upon us and on Saturday we are will helping some friends of ours to move apartment. Having just moved ourselves you would think it would be the last thing we would want do but there are quite a few people helping out so it should not take up too much of the day..........................but it does feel like there is no rest bite at the moment!! On Sunday I am hoping to get out to watch the Liverpool Vs Everton match in town. Its been a while since I have been to The Dubliner to watch a game with my fellow supporter club members but if I'm feeling tired I might just watch it home so we will have to wait and see.

Tonight we are going to see the new James Bond movie Skyfall. I have been looking forward to this for ages and judging by the trailer it's sure to be a belter!! I read a review in The Daily Mail today and they said that it is by far the best Bond movie yet and that it could be up for several Oscars its that good! After reading that my expectation levels have grown massively so I hope I'm not disappointed! All James Bond movies are good but this one sounds a bit special!!

'The name's Bond.................James Bond'           Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 19 October 2012

On the move.........FINALLY!!

Wow! What a hectic last few weeks it has been! We finally got the keys to the new apartment on Friday 5th October and since then it has been non-stop work......................hence the time gap between now and my last blog!!

We met with the seller and our estate agent on the Friday to sign the final documents and pick up the keys. We were really keen to get started on the redecorating so we turned up to the office with pots of paint and other materials in hand!! The apartment was only around the corner from the office so we wanted to get in there as soon as possible to begin working so it made sense to bring all the stuff with us!

Once we eventually signed everything and got in there we got straight to work. The first thing I planned to do was to begin preparing all the floors and door frames with plastic sheets and tape for when we began painting but Aicha felt that we needed to inspect the cleanliness of the place first, so we did. The estate agent had said that they had sent in a firm the day before to clean everything and if we were not happy we should let him know and they would send them back out. I did a quick inspection and at first glance everything seemed fine but Aicha is a bit more thorough than me and she noticed that were a lot of things which hadn't been done.....................suffice to say she was straight on the phone!!

The estate agent agreed to sent the cleaners back later in the day and the majority of the things that we were dissatisfied with were in the kitchen, which meant that we could get on with prepping the rest of the apartment. The plan was to re-paint the lounge a beige/peach colour with a feature wall and do the same with our bedroom, but paint it white. We were also to re-paint the dining area and hallway white, as well wallpapering the second bedroom so there was plenty to be done!! Our aim was to spend all of Friday and the weekend decorating, then spend a few hours after work each day during the week to finish things off. By the following weekend we would be ready to move in everything from Aicha's parents place.....................sounds pretty straight forward but in reality it never is!!

I have to say I have probably never worked so hard in my life as I have over the past few weeks! Aicha and I have been proper troopers in getting everything done on time and it has literally been non stop! There have been a few obstacles along the way as well, namely when I began to re-paint the lounge ceiling and the old layer of paint underneath started peeling off which meant I had to scrape the entire ceiling before I could paint it!.....................that's a job I hope never to have to do again!

Once the decorating was done it was time to put all the furniture together. We had sold all of our furniture when we left England so we basically had to buy everything. I had already bought a sofa so Aicha went to IKEA with her Mum to place an order and have it all delivered on the Friday before we were due to move in. Building furniture is something I actually enjoy doing but when its 5 or 6 big things and time is against you, it can become a little stressful................particular when you do something wrong and you have to take everything apart and start again!! I also thought it would be something Aicha and I could enjoy doing together but all we did was end up bickering! We were both trying to do the same thing but in two different ways! We were getting on each other nerves so much that in the end we decided that we would work much better if we just worked on our own! I put together the bed and TV unit and she did the chairs and bookcase!!

But as they say hard work pays off and we have now officially moved in and I have to say I am very pleased with the work we have done. Neither myself nor Aicha have not really decorated before and I was worried that it would show but in fact everything looks really good. There is the odd mistake here and there but you would only see them if I pointed them out. It was quite stressful at times, particularly when we were wallpapering the bedroom, which again was something we hadn't done before, but whilst we found it difficult we got there in the end................then it was time to put our feet up!

I did think about putting some pictures on the blog of our progress but I thought it best to wait until everything is done then post a few before and after shots. We still have some small jobs to do, a few pictures and lights to put up etc, but once we have done that I will post a few snaps of our new home.....................the one above is just a teaser!