Wednesday, 3 April 2013

All work and no play...............except football!

Over the past few weeks it feels as if I have done nothing else apart from work. Every day I come home absolutely shattered and have no energy to do anything! Since the boat trip, the only time I can remember venturing out to do something besides work was to play a football match...............which we lost!

My company are currently going through a transition where they are launching a system to maintain all their customer/billing information so its been all hands on deck for the past 3 weeks. The new system was launched over the Easter weekend and whereas most people here got an extra few days off, I was drafted into work on Good Friday and Easter Monday. I didn't mind too much though as we well looked after. Those who were working were treated to a buffet lunch and dinner at the office, plus we had as much candy as we could eat so it wasn't all bad! I know we call them 'sweets' in the UK but here it's called 'candy' (before you say anything!).

I tell a lie, we did manage to get over to see Aicha's family over the Easter weekend which was a nice change of scenery. All the family were invited there for dinner, as not only was it Easter but it was also Aicha's mum Inga's birthday. As it was a special occasion, we decided to order in from a catering company rather than cook. As usual, Lebanese was the food of choice (stick to what you know I say!) and there was plenty of it! We ordered food for ten and there was eight of us eating but judging by what was left after we'd eaten you could have easily have fed another eight people! I'm sure that happened last we ordered Lebanese................will we ever learn?

Like back home it is also customary to give each other Easter eggs at Easter................however the eggs that are exchanged here are not quite the same. Back home it's easy when buying an Easter egg, as you can just nip down to Tesco's and pick up chocolate egg filled with smarties but the idea here is that you first buy the egg and then fill it yourself...................the only downside is that the egg is not made of chocolate! It did however make buying process a bit more tricky as I had to make sure that I filled it with a mixture of candy that Aicha likes. In the end the task was made less complicated when she specified exactly what she wanted a few days before!................and its a good job she did as when I actually bought the candy I still wasn't sure if I'd got it right! Sometimes things go through one ear and out the other with me so to cover myself I bought her some chocolate as I know she definitely loves a bit of Daim!

Once you have bought the egg, the idea then is to hide it somewhere in the house for the other person to find. I hid Aicha's in the tumble dryer, which I thought was a good hiding place....................that was until she found it after about 10 seconds! I was hoping to string her along all day but she was too quick for me!

This week at work it has been even more mental as we have now moved into the new system and are working on correcting the issues which occurred during the migration. It does feel though that I have been consumed by work a lot these past few weeks and because of the workload and complexity of the project, I am working more hours than I would do normally. I also can't seem to switch off when I get home as I am constantly trying to solve problems in my head which I could not solve when I was at the office! Even as I write this I'm still thinking about I need to work on tomorrow! I don't mind being busy (in fact I much prefer it) but with so many things going on at once its difficult to keep track off everything and it adds to the stress.

Everything will go back to normal though once things have settled down. I just have to weather the storm for the next week or so then I'm sure I will be feeling more energised once things calm down. We are heading back to the UK next weekend, which will be a well deserved break and something I am really looking forward to. It's gonna be great to catch up with everyone again as its been far too long....................